X-Men: New Mutants" with a new movie release date

After a long odyssey, a date has finally been set

by Pierre Lorenz on May 12, 2020

Already some time ago 20th Century Fox announced that "X-Men: New Mutants" will get a new start date for the cinema due to the pandemic. As you can see on a new poster of the movie, the new release is already this summer, on August 28, 2020, which is only the US date. At least now a realistic date has finally been set, because the release date, which was originally planned for 2018, has already been changed and postponed several times. The story revolves around a group of young mutants who meet in a remote hospital. Together they try to find out more about the greedy operators, because it seems that they are only interested in the superpowers of the mutants. Whether they succeed or not, you can find out from the end of August in the cinemas.

Image of X-MEN: New Mutants, Deadpool 3, Avatar 2