Release of "Guardians of the Galaxy 3": Statement from the Marvel Boss

Fans still have to be patient, though

by Robin Klaiber on January 9, 2019

All clear is given to fans who expected the third Guardians of the Galaxy part in the near future and were disappointed. After the scandal around director James Gunn, who was excluded from the film production After a dispute with Disney on Twitter, the work is set aside for the time being. It's more than understandable that the fans reacted very sensitively and even predicted an end to the Guardians. Although there are no specific details about the release date, Marvel Boss Kevin Feige confirmed in an MTV interview that Guardians of the galaxy 3 was definitely not put on ice, but is still in production. However, fans of the series still have to be patient, as Marvel is currently busy shooting Black Widow and The Eternals.

Image of Bad Boys 3, Venom 2, Guardians of the Galaxy 3