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Als Susan Sontag im Publikum saß

Runtime86 minutes


It's been 50 years since the infamous panel discussion »A Dialogue on Women's Liberation« took place in New York's Town Hall: Norman Mailer, Germaine Greer, Jill Johnston, Jaqueline Ceballos and Diana Trilling argue, laugh and perform on stage. In the audience Susan Sontag, Cynthia Ozick, Betty Friedan and Lucy Komisar - the intellectual elite of New York. 50 years later in Berlin - Saralisa Volm and RP Kahl fight against and with each other as Germaine Greer and Norman Mailer in a reenactment for the theatre stage and continue the discussion outside of their stage roles together with Luise Helm, Heike Melba-Fendel and Celine Yildirim. The rehearsals for the reenactment condense into a profound exchange of blows in the now, the age of »Me Too«. What the hell has happened in the past 50 years? A film about the fierce beginnings of feminism and their reverberation in our days.

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