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Die Vergesslichkeit der Eichhörnchen

Genres Drama
Runtime 113 minutes


To earn money for her family back home in Ukraine, Marija (Emilia Schüle) comes to Germany. In his old villa, she is supposed to take care of Curt (Günther Maria Halmer), who suffers from dementia, around the clock. However, she ends up in the interpersonal minefield of a German family - whose fragile dynamics she now, quite involuntarily, thoroughly upsets. Curt's daughter Almut (Anna Stieblich), who has taken care of him in recent years, feels unappreciated by her father, but her delusions of control keep her from letting go. Curt, in turn, begins to think Marija is his wife Marianne, who died early, and increasingly imagines himself in times long past. Marija gets involved in the bizarre game and becomes more and more like Marianne for Curt. Returned to the lifestyle of the 70s, the old man develops a whole new, unexpected zest for life - if it weren't for a deeply buried, painful memory. When Almut's brother Philipp (Fabian Hinrichs) shows up, who until now has wanted to have as little to do with Curt as possible, but is now looking to get close to the beautiful Marija, things start to get completely out of hand.

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