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Eingeschlossene Gesellschaft

Runtime97 minutes


On a Friday afternoon, there is a sudden, unexpected knock on the door of the teachers' room at a municipal high school. Surely no student would dare to do that? No, an ambitious father (THORSTEN MERTEN) is standing in front of it, fighting for his son's admission to the a-levels - and is even prepared to go to extremes to get it. The six teachers who are still at school so shortly before the start of the weekend now have to find this out the hard way: The ever-popular sports teacher and cynic Peter Mertens (FLORIAN DAVID FITZ), the precocious witch Heidi Lohmann (ANKE ENGELKE), who is hated by all the students, the conservative crammer Klaus Engelhardt (JUSTUS VON DOHNANYI), the jovial student lawyer Holger Arndt (THOMAS LOIBL), the lonely nerd Bernd Vogel (TORBEN KESSLER) and the young trainee teacher Sarah Schuster (NILAM FAROOQ). They all feel superior to the desperate father at first, but soon have to find out that the situation is getting more and more out of control. After some unexpected twists and embarrassing revelations, true abysses open up for each of the involved...


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