Elif Ana


Genres Drama


Elif Ana is a woman who is given the title of "motherhood" that is passed down through the bloodline in Alevism, although she does not belong to that family tree. Mother Elif, who is known as the Angel of Kindness because she helps people throughout her life, tries to heal those who are sick, in need or in trouble. When Mother Elif, who is in danger of going blind, travels from Maraş to Ankara to save her sight, her life in the hospital passes by like a filmstrip. Many events such as the arrival of a group of Ottoman soldiers who went to Yemen when she was a child, her dialogue with Murtaza Çavuş from that group, the Liberation War, her marriage, her years as a shepherd, her dialogues with Şeyho, the Agha of the fifties, are revived in Mother Elif's memory.

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