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Bibi & Tina - Einfach anders

Genres Family & Adventure


Bibi (Katharina Hirschberg) and Tina (Harriet Herbig-Matten) welcome three new vacation guests to the Martinshof. They call themselves Disturber, Silence and Spooky and are simply different: Silence doesn't speak, Spooky believes in aliens and Disturber tells Bibi to fight. She'll make Bibi stop laughing! Disturber's mistrust eventually even drives her into the arms of the mysterious V. Arscher (Kurt Krömer), who has an elaborate vendetta against Count Falko (Holger Stockhaus). The excitement of a meteorite hail from outer space comes just in time for them to panic the whole of Falkenstein. Nobody can be sure anymore! But he has not reckoned with Bibi and Tina and their new friends, who are not fooled.


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