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The House


Original title (Language) Das Haus (de)
Genres Thriller
Runtime 92 minutes


THE HOUSE is based on a short story by journalist Dirk Kurbjuweit, set in a near future. It centres on the journalist JOHANN, who is banned from working by the right-wing populist government now in power in Germany and, frustrated, retreats to their luxurious and fully networked weekend home with his wife LUCIA. As political conditions in the country continue to escalate due to an alleged left-wing terrorist attack, their smarthome increasingly develops its own agenda, manipulating the couple and playing them off against each other by revealing intimate secrets. Finally, when two terrorists hunted by the regime show up at the door seeking shelter at Lucia's home, the situation in the house escalates fully as Johann realises that his wife is part of the political resistance. While Johann is still torn between his love for Lucia and the feeling of having been betrayed by her, the house itself finally takes the reins of action.

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