Extraction 2: Chris Hemsworth Returns

The script is once again in the hands of the Russo brothers

by Pierre Lorenz on September 27, 2021

The end of "Extraction" raised a few questions among viewers. No surprise then that a first teaser for the sequel "Extraction 2" has now been released. The action thriller created by the Russo brothers has been the number one most-watched Netflix original movie for ages, even well ahead of "Bird Box", "6 Underground" and "Army of the Dead". Therefore, a follow-up is not unexpected, and filming is expected to start this fall. In addition to director Sam Hargrave, lead actor Chris Hemsworth is also returning. As you can easily see on Instagram, the 38-year-old is already working out to get fit for his role as a mercenary. The main character Tyler Rake is not really a couch potato after all. Currently, there is no date for the sequel, so for the time being we will have to settle for the "Coming Soon" shown in the trailer.

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