News from the "Deadpool" Star!

Once again Ryan Reynolds managed to get the fans to freak out

by Pierre Lorenz on August 1, 2019

Ryan Reynolds has once again managed to get the "Deadpool" fans freak out. At least since

Disney took over the competitor Fox, the future of the cheeky "Deadpool" is more uncertain

than ever. One question that keeps coming up is whether "Deadpool" will soon be seen in the

MCU as well. Since Ryan Reynolds is known for playing with his fans, he has now given

Instagram a hint about Deadpool's future in the MCU.

In the picture you can see an overview of Deadpool's investigation over the past five years.

goal of the overview is to find out who is responsible for the ominous "Deadpool" leak of

2014. You can see among others Hugh Jackman, Betty White, Tim Miller and Reynolds wife

Blake Lively. Most surprising is the text Reynolds wrote under the picture. He says that the

investigation goes into year number 5, or as he calls it phase 5.

A rather clear hint of a "Deadpool" movie in Phase 5 of the MCU or just a little joke to confuse

the fans? we don't know for sure, yet Reynolds has definitely managed to make the

"Deadpool" and MCU fans discuss again.

Image of Deadpool 3 in MCU, Lord Of The Rings, The Witcher