Blue Beetle: Here's what's happening with the project after the "Batgirl" cancellation

The “Peacemaker” series also meets a similar fate

by Pierre Lorenz on August 11, 2022

A big murmur went through the movie world when it was reported last week that Warner Bros. has completely cancelled the new "Batgirl" movie, although it was as good as finished. Now it is still uncertain how to proceed with many other projects that are currently still in production at DC. At least there are news about a few projects that probably did not fall victim to the decisions of the management around CEO David Zaslav. For example, "Blue Beetle", which is supposed to be the first DC movie with a Latin American superhero, is still in production as planned. Fans were worried here because the movie, like 'Batgirl", was originally planned for HBO Max, but was then to be shot for theaters. In August 2023, we will probably be able to see Xolo Mariduena in the leading role, who will embody the DC character Blue Beetle. Also secured are "Joker: Folie à Deux" and "The Flash", although with the latter more and more scandals around leading actor Ezra Miller are coming to light. Some projects in which James Gunn is involved will not be shredded either. Accordingly, work continues the second season of the "Peacemaker" series, as well as on an yet unknown "Amanda Waller" series. In addition, the "Birds of Prey" spin-off about Black Canary and the "Green Lantern" live-action series are still in the works. We are curious to see how Warner Bros. will continue its strategy of major theatrical productions and are looking forward to the upcoming projects for now.

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