Arnold Schwarzenegger Not Involved In Terminator 7

But this is not supposed to be the end of the franchise yet

by Tom Hartig on May 16, 2023

"I'll be back" - or maybe not: Those who were looking forward to the next "Terminator" movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger need to be strong now: Sadly, Arnie has bad news about the future of his most famous role.

No matter how beloved the first "Terminator" films are to this day, the later sequels have never really been able to keep up with them. Regardless of whether it was "Salvation", "Genisys" or most recently "Dark Fate", the attempts to bring the franchise back to success in theaters were rather frowned upon by fans. After the return of Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor was unable to turn the tide in 2019 and even leading actress Mackenzie Davis did not really believe in another sequel, the Terminator's fate seemed sealed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger now gave a clear statement on the matter in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter: He also thinks poorly of the later sequels. He was not involved in part 4 because of his political work, and parts 5 and 6 had bad scripts - something that was clear to him even beforehand. For him, this chapter is now closed. Quote:

"The franchise is not done. I'm done. I got the message loud and clear that the world wants to move on with a different theme when it comes to The Terminator."

We're interested to find out whether they will give it another try with a "Terminator" film and what kind of approach they will then take to the project. For those who would rather keep having fun with Arnie, there is plenty to choose from: On May 25, the action series "Fubar" will be released on Netflix, as well as the Schwarzenegger documentary "Arnold" on June 7. The next action film with him will be the thriller "Breakout", which is currently in the works.

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