Will a new sequel of the "Wrong Turn" series be released soon?

Constantin Film provides first hints for a new part

by Pierre Lorenz on May 8, 2019

After 6 more or less successful parts of wrong turn movies it was now confirmed that there

will be another film. This one shall not be called Wrong Turn 7, but will be a reboot of the

2003 original film.

According to Constantin Film, the plot revolves around a group of friends who want to go

camping in the beautiful mountains of West Virgninia. However, the young New Yorkers

don't quite take the warning of a local seriously, namely that they shouldn't go astray, and

so the six friends end up in the arms of a backwoods cult.

Nothing new at first, after all, all 6 predecessors revolve more or less around this topic.

In addition, Alan B McElroy has been brought on board, who took part not only in Halloween

4 but also in the script of the first Wrong Turn part. The Domestics director Mike P Nelson

was hired to direct the movie.

The reboot is not supposed to be quite like the first part, since producer James Harris said

that The reboot leads 'Wrong Turn' in an exciting direction for a new generation of fans and

that Mike P. Nelson's vision will give the viewers something they have never seen before.

Despite all scepticism towards the new edition, this year's Cannes Film Festival will convince

you of something better, because in the aftermath it will be finally decided whether Wrong

Turn is suitable for the cinema, or whether you can see it like the 5 parts before it,

exclusively at home.

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