Pirates of the Caribbean: This is What Producer Bruckheimer Has to Say About the Spin-offs

The producer also spoke out about "Top Gun 3" and "Bad Boys 4"

by Pierre Lorenz on December 28, 2022

Jerry Bruckheimer is without doubt one of the most experienced and successful film producers in Hollywood. In terms of numbers, he is the third most successful producer ever, with a total of $12 billion in box-office takings. His career includes films such as "Black Hawk Down", "Top Gun", "Bad Boys", "National Treasure", "Pirates of the Caribbean" and many series, most notably several "CSI" series. In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he now gave some insights into various productions, including sequels and spin-offs to some of his best-known films.

After Margot Robbie announced in November that she would not be playing a part in the upcoming "Pirates of the Caribbean" spin-off after all, things initially went quiet for the movie series. According to Bruckheimer, the spin-off with Robbie has not been put on hold; instead, a second spin-off is currently being prioritized. This one is being developed by "Chernobyl" director Craig Mazin and "Pirates of the Caribbean" writer Ted Elliot, and will focus on a younger cast. The film with Robbie, by contrast, requires a little more time, but neither the film nor the leading actress have been written off, Bruckheimer emphasized.

Bruckheimer also had something to add about a third "Top Gun" film. He said that production had not really made much progress, mainly due to lead actor Tom Cruise and his time-consuming involvement in "Mission: Impossible 8" as well as a still untitled space film. Therefore, the coming months and possibly even the following year will be challenging for the production of "Top Gun 3".

"Bad Boys 4" was also briefly touched on in the interview, and the prospects look generally positive. Bruckheimer believes that the movie will be made despite the hubbub surrounding actor Will Smith and sincerely hopes that audiences will forgive the 54-year-old for his freak-out.

All in all, Bruckheimer had some exciting news to announce about some of the most anticipated films of the next few years.

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