The Bad Batch: New "Star Wars" series in the works

The universe after "The Mandalorian" will be further expanded

by Pierre Lorenz on July 15, 2020

A new "Star Wars" movie by Taika Waititi is still in the making, but without an official announcement. All the more reason for fans of the franchise to look forward to a new animation series called "The Bad Batch"! The plot is about the elite troop of the Clone Army, which already appears in season 7 of "The Clone Wars" series. So it's also clear: "The Bad Batch" ties in directly with "The Clone Wars".

The so-called Clone Force 99 consists of elite fighters, each of them is genetically modified by a mutation. Hunter is the leader of the force and can perceive electromagnetic signals, Crosshair is the sniper and can see extremely far. Wrecker, as the name suggests, is the power pack of the troop and is equipped with extreme physical strength. Tech is a bit more finely built, but is especially skilled with technical equipment.

According to an official press release from Disney, the troop will go on dangerous mercenary missions in the time after the clone wars and face many dangers.

Clone Wars" maker and "The Mandalorian" director Dave Filoni has been engaged as executive producer, while author Jennifer Corbett will be responsible for the script. "Star Wars: The Bad Batch" is planned to be released on Disney+ in 2021.

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