Barbie: Second Image Shows Ryan Gosling As Ken

It is just as colorful as the one of Margot Robbie

by Pierre Lorenz on June 18, 2022

A few weeks ago, we were presented with the first image of the upcoming "Barbie" film adaptation. It showed Margot Robbie in the titular lead role and it has to be admitted that this is exactly the kind of pink and fancy live-action portrayal of the toy doll we had hoped for. Now a picture of Barbie's admirer Ken, who is played by Ryan Gosling, came next. The 41-year-old shows himself with a well-toned upper body, a denim vest, Ken underwear and peroxide blonde hair. He thus comes pretty close to his original as well. 

However, the film is about much more than the plump serving of clichés, despite the fact that the two published images suggest otherwise. After all, it should not be forgotten that Greta Gerwig is a director who has so far emphasized strong women beyond the classic gender roles in her films. Examples of this include "Lady Bird" and "Little Women", which were both nominated for several Oscars. There is still little information about the plot, but we do know that the movie revolves around a large toy company, which to all appearances is modeled on the Barbie manufacturer Mattel. 

In addition, many actors praise the excellent script, which was written by director Gerwig and her husband Noah Baumbach. In general, the movie has a pretty impressive cast. Among them, besides the two main actors Robbie and Gosling, there are Will Ferrell as a potential CEO of the toy company, Michael Cera, America Ferrera, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Issa Rae, Kate McKinnon and many others. 

"Barbie" will be released on the big screen in nearly a year, on July 21, 2023. 

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