After Joe Taslim as Sub Zero: Screenwriter announces possible age rating

That''s how brutal "Mortal Kombat" could be.

by Pierre Lorenz on July 18, 2019

After last week's announcement of Joe Taslim as Sub Zero as the first actor for the upcoming

Mortal Kombat film, scriptwriter Greg Russo now comments on the way the film was made

and the possible age rating for the movie. Via Twitter he announced that Mortal Kombat will

get an R rating and that they want to show the brutal ways of death on the screen for the

first time. So in terms of brutality they don't want to be inferior to the video game template

in any way. Furthermore, this is a counter-trend to other cinema adaptations in the past,

which turned out to be much more gentle in order to reach a wider audience.

In any case, the highest priority should be to become more successful than the two film

predecessors of 1995 and 1997, as both flopped and received more than devastating

reviews, which was possibly also due to the lower age rating.

A R rating will also be in the interest of producer James Wan, who has had some success

with r rated movies like Conjuring and Saw.

An exact release date is not yet known, but a release in 2021 is considered to be likely.

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