Venom 3: Female Screenwriter to Direct Third Part

The film is her first venture into directing

by Pierre Lorenz on November 1, 2022

With 507 million US dollars in box office takings, "Venom: Let There Be Carnage" was a total success in 2021. The fact that a third part is in the works has actually been clear since a statement by lead actor Tom Hardy back in 2018. Then, all doubts were removed since the success of the second part. Meanwhile, those responsible behind the scenes have not been sitting idle: Deadline recently reported that the director's position has already been filled. Kelly Marcel, who already contributed to the scripts of the two predecessors, is now taking over as director for the first time in her career. It's certainly a bold move to put an inexperienced director in charge of "Venom 3". On the other hand, however, she is very familiar with the franchise thanks to her work as a writer. Marcel will be working on the movie in a dual role as both director and screenwriter, so she bears a lot of responsibility. 

Currently there is no information about the storyline or the cast, but we are really excited about the further developments in the Sony Spider-Man Universe.