Stranger Things: Duffer Brothers Share First Glimpse of Season 5

A presumed dead character could even return

by Pierre Lorenz on November 8, 2022

With "Stranger Things", the Duffer brothers achieved unparalleled success. Not only did it revive the 80s, but it has also become an integral part of today's pop culture. Four seasons have been released by now and it's already clear that we can expect a fifth one to come. On Monday, in keeping with the annual "Stranger Things" day, we got some initial information about the upcoming season. On the official Twitter, the front page of the first episode's script can be seen. This episode is titled "The Crawl" and has since fueled lots of speculation, despite the fact that only the title and nothing else is known. For those who haven't watched Season 4 yet, there is now an increased risk of spoilers: clever fans suspect that "The Crawl" is a reference to Metallica's song "Master of Puppets", which features the line "come crawling faster". Since this song was played by Eddie shortly before his death in the Upside Down, many suspect that the fan favorite will return in Season 5.

Other theories refer to Max "crawling" back to life after her coma. Another theory is that the Duffer brothers simply included a Dungeons & Dragons reference in "The Crawl". There you have the so-called Dungeon Crawl, in which the heroes have to fight against various monsters in a maze. Given the 80s theme and the series' frequent references to Dungeons & Dragons, that's an obvious assumption.

Unfortunately, there is no release date for Season 5 of "Stranger Things" yet, but we will keep you updated.

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