Borat 2: sequel with Sacha Baron Cohen is ready to start

The film has even been secretly finished

by Pierre Lorenz on September 9, 2020

In 2006, comedian and actor Sacha Baron Cohen in his role as Borat caused some laughter worldwide. As Collider now surprisingly reports, a sequel is not only in the works, but has already been completely finished. For many, it comes out of the blue, as there was no announcement of Part 2 before the start of the shooting. Despite the completed film, nothing is known about the plot yet, but according to Collider, Borat is no longer just an unknown journalist from Kazakhstan, but has become a celebrity. It is also completely unclear who is responsible for the production of "Borat 2". In 2006, 20th Century Fox was in charge, but as the studio has been bought by Disney in the meantime, a new involvement is rather unlikely. If and when "Borat 2" will be released in the cinemas is not yet certain, but we will keep you informed as always.

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