Friday the 13th: After 14 Years, a New Film is in the Works

The original director is also involved again

by Pierre Lorenz on January 24, 2023

In an exclusive article, the website Bloody Disgusting reported on an almost forgotten horror franchise this week. We are talking about the "Friday the 13th" franchise with cult character Jason Voorhees, which last received an installment in 2009. After 14 years of waiting, there is now supposed to be some activity behind the scenes. The first rumors of a new film already circulated at the end of 2022.

According to the latest developments, none other than "Friday the 13th" creator Sean S. Cunningham is said to be responsible for the production of a reboot. He is joined by "The Teacher" director Jeremy Weiss and screenwriter Jeff Locker. The trio is also reportedly planning other films: for example, another reboot of "House" from 1986 is also in the pipeline, but the best-known project to date is clearly the planned reboot of the horror classic about the man with the hockey mask. It would in fact also be the 13th movie in the series, so it would be a very special anniversary.

The movie production of "Friday the 13th" was unable to start until comparatively late, as a major legal dispute between Sean S. Cunningham and the original author Victor Miller played out until the very end. Should the reboot not come about due to further disputes, a sequel to the content of the first part from 1980 is the backup plan of Cunningham, Weiss and Locker. So it will probably take some time until a possible theatrical release anyway.

If you're already in the mood for a reunion with Jason Voorhees, you shouldn't miss the upcoming prequel series, which was officially confirmed recently. However, a release date has not been announced yet.

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