Keanu Reeves acting colleague reveals the future plans of the fan favorite

by Pierre Lorenz on December 6, 2019

Hardly anyone is currently as much in demand in Hollywood as Keanu Reeves. He is currently involved in three projects: John Wick 4, Matrix 4 and Bill & Ted Face The Music. A pretty big burden for the 55-year-old, as his John Wick colleague Lance Reddick also says, who reveals in an interview on that there is still no script for John Wick 4. Furthermore, he says that although they are working on writing a script, it is not that easy because Keanu Reeves is still committed to two other movies. Moreover, he is not sure whether Matrix 4 or John Wick 4 will come next.

Reddick is not wrong, as the shooting of Matrix 4 is scheduled for the beginning of next year, while Keanu Reeves is probably fully scheduled for the promotion of "Bill & Ted Face The

Music" in mid-2020, which would result in various travels and interviews. So when John Wick 4 arrives will depend on how quickly a script, and thus a shooting schedule, is completed.

So far, the US-American release date is 21 May 2021, but should there still be no shooting schedule in a few months time, the release will certainly be delayed quite a bit.

Image of John Wick 4, Planet Of The Apes, Metal Gear Solid