Now You See Me: Could a third part of the series be released soon?

A team around the "American Hustle" author is said to have already been formed

by Pierre Lorenz on April 29, 2020

Just seven years ago, the surprise hit "Now you see me" appeared, which, with a budget of around 75 million, brought in 350 million US dollars at the box offices worldwide. What followed was the planning of a whole cinema universe around the philantrophic tricksters

"The Four Horsemen", and so the film studio Lionsgate released the sequel "Now you see me 2" three years later. However, the sequel disappointed noticeably, it did not brought in as much as the original movie. The desired increase of popularity failed and so the plan to release a third part was put on hold for quite a while. After a few vague news in the past four years Lionsgate officially announced the production of the third part a few days ago. A team has already been found, the Oscar-nominated "American Hustle" author Eric Warren Singer is supposed to be writing the script. According to Lionsgate the stars of the two predecessors have the opportunity to return also in the third part. However, the main story will probably not necessarily revolve around the original actors, which could also be explained by budget cuts. A release date hasn't been fixed yet, but we don't expect a release before the end of 2022.

Image of Sonic 2, Hotel Transylvania 4, Now You See Me 3