Teletubbies: Netflix Releases Reboot

The famous characters are all returning

by Pierre Lorenz on September 8, 2022

Kids of the 1990s in particular grew up with the children's series "Teletubbies", which first started broadcasting in 1997. In a total of five seasons, the four main characters became a phenomenon of modern pop culture. Even today, "Teletubbies" is more than just a children's series that is hard to remember. Netflix seems to sense great potential in this status of the children's series and thus, a reboot will soon be released on the streaming service. A first glimpse of the new series can be found on Twitter, where Netflix published the first two images. There we see the well-known figures Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po, as well as the laughing sun. We also learned that "Respect" actor Tituss Burgess will be performing as the narrator. Whether the vacuum cleaner Noo-Noo will also make an appearance is not yet clear from the pictures and the information so far. We will know more when the streaming begins on November 14 of this year at the latest. 

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