New personnel for "The Suicide Squad"!

Will a WWE star take over the role of peacemaker?

by Pierre Lorenz on April 19, 2019

There are news from the Suicide Squad universe. Since there are more and more indications

that The Suicide Squad won't be a radical reboot of the first part, the gossip factory about

the cast is working overtime. According to Variety, none other than wrestling legend John

Cena is currently in contract negotiations with director James Gunn. The role was actually

meant for WWE colleague Dave Bautista, who unfortunately can't be part of The Suicide

Squad anymore due to scheduling reasons.

In addition, Variety announces that Idris Elba will not take over the role of Deadshot after all.

Which role he will play instead isn't known yet.

By the way, The Suicide Squad will be released in August 2021.

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