Sony announces a new Anaconda movie

Will Disney succeed in the reinterpretation of the 1990s film?

by Pierre Lorenz on January 25, 2020

Sony reported a few days ago that the nineties classic Anaconda will be reissued on a large scale. As the Hollywood Reporter reports, the goal is not a reboot but a new interpretation. And this reinterpretation will cost Sony a lot of money. The original film is about a group of documentary filmmakers stationed in the Amazon region. There they meet a hunter who is obsessed with the idea of catching and killing a legendary giant anaconda. Actors who were involved at the time included Jon Voight, Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube and Owen Wilson. And even though the film received anything but good critics at the time, it was still a great success at the worldwide box office.

So Sony will take the basic structure of the old movie, raise the standards and therefore also the budget and create a thrilling story around the giant snake. But whether Sony will attract so many fans to the cinemas with this new interpretation is a completely different question. That will certainly also depend on the quality of the work of Tomb Raider author Evan Daughtery.

A release date has not been fixed yet.

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