Squid Game: First Teaser for Season Two Shows Well-Known Game

Series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk already commented on the plot

by Pierre Lorenz on June 13, 2022

Work on Season 2 of Netflix's huge hit "Squid Game" has recently been announced. With over 1.65 billion hours of streams, the series is by far the most successful series on the streaming service. Therefore, the official announcement of the sequel should not have surprised anyone. Series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk, who worked on the first season for a total of twelve years, will be involved in the project again. As Dong-hyuk now revealed somewhat vaguely via the series' Instagram page, we can expect to see Gi-hun, the frontman, the suit from the start and end of the series, as well as Cheol-su, Young-hee's boyfriend. Young-hee refers to the "Red Light, Green Light" doll from Season 1, who seems to be getting an upgrade in the form of Cheol-su. We can catch a first glimpse of the new doll in the official announcement teaser, where it is presented in a familiar manner. 

There are still many unanswered questions, such as who is really behind the mysterious organization, and how the story of Jun-ho Hwang, the presumed dead policeman from the first season, will continue. Unfortunately, there is still no estimated release date on Netflix, but we will surely have to be patient for at least another year. 

More information is now available about a new reality TV series in the "Squid Game" format. This is indeed based on the real "Squid Game" concept: Like the original, the plan is for 456 participants to compete against each other for the record-breaking prize money of 4.56 million US dollars. The participants do not have to expect lethal dangers, though many of the reality show's games are intended to be based on the Netflix series. The format is a collaboration between Studio Lambert and The Garden and will be filmed in the near future. Brave, English-speaking applicants can opt for the US, UK or global version via squidgamecasting.com and can enter an initial selection process through the website. Details on games or the release date of the series are unfortunately not yet available. We will probably find out more once the current casting process has been completed. Are you going to try your luck? Let us know in the comments! 

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