Rogue Squadron: "Star Wars" Film Not To Be Shot Next Year After All

Instead, another movie could be released before

by Pierre Lorenz on November 9, 2021

Bad news for "Star Wars" fans. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, those responsible for "Star Wars: Rogue Squadron" will not be able to meet the production schedule. The main reason is director Patty Jenkins, who has yet to complete her two major projects "Cleopatra" and "Wonder Woman 3" first. As if that were not enough, she is also simultaneously working on a "Wonder Woman" spin-off about the Amazons. Originally, the plan was to let the filming of "Rogue Squadron" take place between the shooting of "Wonder Woman 3" and "Cleopatra". In the meantime, however, they have realized that the time window for a "Star Wars" movie is far too tight, making the postponement the only reasonable thing to do. The original release date of December 22, 2023 is still to remain important, however. Rumor has it that another "Star Wars" movie will be released on this date instead. This is supposed to be the film by director J. D. Dillard and screenwriter Matt Owens, which was officially announced in early 2020. At least that's what some fans are speculating, which includes ruling out a project by Rian Johnson on that date due to his involvement with the "Knives Out" sequel. Dillard, on the other hand, has practically completed his "Devotion" project and would in theory have time to realize a "Star Wars" film soon. The plot could then take place in the age of the High Republic, for example, similar to the upcoming series "The Acolyte". Of course, it should be noted that this is still pure speculation, since it is neither certain which "Star Wars" film will take the place of "Rogue Squadron", nor what its plot might look like. 

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