DC: New "Superman" Film and Many Other Projects in the Works

Even Henry Cavill is expected to return

by Pierre Lorenz on October 18, 2022

This week there was a true sensation at DC, with The Hollywood Reporter announcing a whole series of new projects. The highlight is certainly a "Man of Steel" sequel, which has been a big dream for many fans for years. Henry Cavill has played the role of the alien superhero in three DCEU films, and rumor has it that the 39-year-old's return to his starring role is more likely than ever. It has been rumored for years that he will embody "Superman" once again, especially since he himself didn't mince his words when asked for his opinion, as the character lies very close to his heart. Now, under the direction of "Justice League" producer Charles Roven, a screenwriter is being sought, as is a director who would like to handle the directing. Christopher McQuarrie is particularly high up on the list of possible contenders, although at this time he has his hands full with "Mission Impossible 7 & 8", making a take on the project rather unlikely. Speaking of time: Henry Cavill also has a packed schedule at the moment, which is mainly down to his leading role in "The Witcher" series.

If many substantial rumors are to be believed, Cavill will be making at least a cameo appearance in "Black Adam", which hit theaters on October 21. In fact, Dwayne Johnson did not grow tired of mentioning his fellow actor and his character at every opportunity during the hot promo phase of "Black Adam". Johnson also wishes for a "Black Adam vs. Superman" movie in which the two clash, something that is said to have been obstructed under departing DC boss Walter Hamada so far. Regardless, a "Black Superman" movie is also believed to be in the works under production by J. J. Abrams. 

The Hollywood Reporter further talked about Matt Reeves and his plans for the expansion of the "Batman" universe. So far we know about "The Batman 2" and an "Arkham Asylum" as well as a "Penguin" series, but the plans won't stop there. Reeves is currently looking for screenwriters and directors to produce further movie spin-offs from the world of Gotham City. Among them should also be rather unknown, but bizarre characters such as Clayface, Scarecrow or Professor Pyg. Assuming that these movies will be as gloomy as "The Batman", we can look forward to some very unsettling flicks. Professor Pyg in particular will live up to his name, as he enjoys kidnapping people to turn them into slaves and human-animal hybrids by means of cruel operations.

Besides various "Batman" projects, the completion of the script for "Wonder Woman 3" is also imminent. An additional key player in future DC films is "The Suicide Squad" director James Gunn. Together with "Aquaman" and "Shazam!" producer Peter Safran, he will soon be working on a new DC project, although at present he is still busy finishing "Peacemaker" Season 2. What kind of future project it will be and if there is any connection to "The Suicide Squad" is unfortunately unclear. 

News on a possible "The Flash" sequel is also available. After leading actor Ezra Miller accumulated one scandal after the other over a long period of time, he recently returned to the set for reshoots and has publicly apologized. The script for a sequel is reported to have already been completed by "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" author David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick; the only question remaining is whether Miller will also star in the sequel. So far, Warner Bros. has stood by Miller in spite of his escapades, yet the 30-year-old is still awaiting trial in January for burglary, which could even send him to prison should he be found guilty. So it remains exciting at DC and Warner Bros. At least there are now some movies and series in the works that fans can look forward to after the strategic realignment under Warner CEO David Zaslav and the cancellation of "Batgirl" and "Scoob! 2". 

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