Indie game "Dredge" gets a live-action adaptation

The game has been nominated for several Game Awards

by Jonas Reichel on April 10, 2024

The small single-player game "Dredge" – which was released last year – was not only a financial success, but also dearly loved by the critics. The result: a Metascore rating of 81 and several nominations for the Game Awards. Now a live-action film adaptation will follow, for which the makers of "Sonic" will be responsible.

At first glance, "Dredge" may seem quite simple: you steer a small motorboat and experience everyday tasks. These include fishing, solving puzzles and discovering secrets. However, the whole thing takes place in a setting that was heavily inspired by horror icon H.P. Lovecraft. For example, players will have to deal with sea monsters, hostile animals and ghost ships on their nightly journeys.

This wild mix of adventure and horror also seems to have found favor with the studio Story Kitchen – because according to Variety, it will be responsible for a live-action film adaptation in collaboration with the game's creators. The studio, which is also working on an animated series for "Vampire Survivors" and was involved in the "Sonic" films, describes the project as a mixture of "The Sixth Sense" and atmospheric cosmic horror à la H.P. Lovecraft and Ernest Hemingway. Ideal for the big screen.

It is not yet known when the gruesome adventure will be released.