"Shrek 5" and "Donkey" Spin-off are in Development!

Eddie Murphy will also return as Axel Foley in "Beverly Hills Cop 4"

by Jonas Reichel on June 25, 2024

No one was expecting this: In an interview, Eddie Murphy suddenly announced that work on "Shrek 5" is in full swing. And it won't be the only new film in the franchise.

As Murphy revealed to Collider, he had already done some sound recording four to five months ago - of course he will be back as Donkey. In addition, the likeable but also quite annoying companion from "Shrek" is to receive his very own spin-off. However, this will take some time to happen. For now, the focus seems to be entirely on "Shrek 5", for which "Austin Powers" star Mike Myers as the protagonist and Cameron Diaz as Fiona are also set to return.

However, this information is based on Murphy's own statements - there has not been any official confirmation from the production companies so far. But that doesn't stop the Hollywood star from spilling the beans: According to Murphy, the fifth adventure of Shrek is set to be released as early as next year!

Moreover, Murphy will soon be returning for another cult series: On July 3, he'll be going back on patrol as a cop in "Beverly Hills Cop 4: Axel Foley" - this time, though, not in theaters, but on Netflix.

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