Change of plans for "Mission Impossible 7 & 8": New parts will no longer be shot in a row

Part 7 is at least about to be concluded

by Pierre Lorenz on February 17, 2021

Shortly before the end of production on "Mission Impossible 7", Deadline reports that the long-term planned project of shooting Part 7 and Part 8 simultaneously has now been scrapped. One reason for this is Tom Cruise's long-announced promo tour for the follow-up to the cult film "Top Gun", which is scheduled for US release on July 2 this year. The plan is to continue with "Mission Impossible 8" shortly after the release of "Top Gun: Maverick". A further cause is the more difficult filming conditions due to the pandemic, as was already seen in the filming of "Mission Impossible 7", which was repeatedly interrupted. Behind the scenes, however, nothing changes, so Christopher McQuarrie will of course also take over the direction of "Mission Impossible 8". The release dates of the two movies have not changed as of yet. Part 7 will still be released on November 19, 2021, while the sequel will be released one year later on November 4, 2022.

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