Release Date for "Fast and Furious 11" Announced

Part 11 will return to the series' origins

by Jonas Reichel on May 6, 2024

One last drive! With "Fast and Furious 11", the hugely successful action franchise is coming to an end for the time being. The release date has now been announced.

In a recent panel at CCXP MX moderated by Steve Weintraub from Collider, director Louis Leterrier announced that "Fast and Furious 11" will be released in cinemas in 2026. Specifically, the date could be June 18 – the same day the very first movie celebrated its premiere 25 years ago.

Filming will take place in Los Angeles in early 2025. Leterrier emphasized the importance of the city for the series and promised fans a great journey waiting to be told.

Although many details remain unclear - for example, whether Jason Momoa will return in his role as Dante Reyes - it seems that part 11 will return to the series' origins. Instead of world-spanning missions, the focus could now be on one last big coup, possibly even with a good old quarter-mile race.

This would also fit in with the cost-cutting plans that have recently been making the rounds: Allegedly, the new film is to be produced much cheaper in order to become more profitable. The last installments of the franchise have made less money at the box office with each successive film. It seems that they would like to play it safe with the conclusion of "Fast and Furious".

If you want to find out more about "Fast and Furious 11", take a look at our movie preview!

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