New Image and Release Date for "Snow White" Live-Action Adaptation

The release date moves to March 21, 2025

by Jonas Reichel on October 30, 2023

News about the fairy tale princess: Disney is postponing its live-action adaptation of "Snow White" to 2025 and published a first image as part of the announcement.

The live-action adaptation of "Snow White" is probably one of the most controversial projects that Disney will be responsible for in the next few years. The production period of the film was characterized by shitstorms and debates. Thus, the announcement that the film will now be postponed to March 21, 2025, is likely to be met with reserved reactions.

At least we now get a first impression in the form of a picture, on which the character embodied by Rachel Zegler can be seen surrounded by the 7 dwarves. During production, there was criticism of the plan to replace the classic dwarves with magical creatures of all shapes, sizes and genders. So Disney now decided to replace the former cast with animated characters.

In addition to "Snow White," Pixar's science fiction adventure "Elio" is also getting a new release date and will now hit theaters on June 13, 2025.

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