Peter Pan and Wendy: Jude Law is said to embody Captain Hook!

After his role as "Dumbledore" he is supposed to become the next Disney villain

by Pierre Lorenz on July 8, 2020

Not a day goes by without Disney working on a live-action remake. This time it's a remake of the 1953 animated film "Peter Pan". As Variety reports, the project has now taken another big step forward, because after not having heard anything about "Peter Pan and Wendy" for a long time, the signing of actor Jude Law was announced a few days ago. He is supposed to have been cast for the role of the villian Captain Hook. Responsible for the production is director David Lowery, who is best known for his indie movies and has already worked with Disney on "Elliot the Dragon". Journalist Justin Kroll also announced on Twitter that Law was not the first choice for the role of Captain Hook. Apparently, Will Smith was intended, who could convince with his role as genie in the live-action remake "Aladdin".

An exact release of "Peter Pan and Wendy" is still unclear, but the next live-action remake from Disney will definitely be "Mulan" on August 21, 2020 and "Cruella" on May 28, 2021.

Image of Fallout Live Action Serie in Development