Budget of the new "Lord of the Rings" Amazon series released

The story should play before the time of the film trilogy

by Pierre Lorenz on April 18, 2019

After Amazon recently announced that there would be a Lord of the Rings series with a hefty

1 billion US dollars budget, many fans of the three-part film series were quite over the

moon. Now it became known among other things that instead of the New Zealand

landscape, the beautiful Scottish landscape is now to serve as the set for the new series. In

addition, it seems likely that production will even start this summer, after all, the LOTR

officials have announced a release date 2021.

Unlike the films, the Lord of the Rings series focuses on the age in which Sauron forged the

rings of power. The initial rumours that the series could also be about the story of the young

Aragorn are now most likely denied. We will also find out soon, whether Peter Jackson will

again be the director and producer of the new series.

Image of The Lord of the Rings Series, New Star Wars Project, John Cena's Role