New director for "Lord of the Rings" Amazon series found

This "Jurassic World" director is now in charge

by Pierre Lorenz on July 2, 2019

A few days ago Amazon announced the director of the upcoming Lord of the Rings series.

Juan Antonio Bayona will take over from the cult director Peter Jackson.

First of all he is only responsible for the first two episodes, as they announced in a press

release. Bayona is a "lifelong fan" of the series and can hardly wait to take audiences all over

the world to Middle-earth.

And even though he's only responsible for the first two episodes, he's one of the most

important contributors to the series, being the first director to be in charge of the look and

other key details.

Bayona has been known to the film world at the latest since 2007 with his production of the

orphanage. His most successful engagement is probably his role as director of Jurassic World

2: Fallen Kingdom.

We are very curious to see how Bayona will cope with the certainly not easy task as Lord of

the Rings director and look forward to further announcements on the Amazon series.

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