Comparable to Marvel: "Lord of the Rings" series shall become huge

Even the actors on the set are overwhelmed

by Pierre Lorenz on September 21, 2020

After a long break, the upcoming "Lord of the Rings" Amazon series is back on track. It has been known for quite some time that the production is going to be a huge spectacle right from the beginning, but Galadriel actress Morfydd Clark recently revealed in an interview with NME how extensive and detailed the work is actually done on set. According to her own statement, she was very overwhelmed by the massive production. For example, one of the employees is supposed to have the mundane task of monitoring how the dust reacts to the actors' steps and breath. She herself had never thought that such a thing even existed and could only imagine similar perfectionist work on a Marvel set. Another point she finds very interesting is the return of well-known actors from the film trilogy. She is especially looking forward to the idea of Elijah Wood's return and actually every "old" star should at least get a cameo appearance. But the one who is dropping out at his own request is Elrond actor Hugo Weaving. He was very happy to return to the set for the shooting of the Hobbit trilogy, but at the same time he believes that everyone has had enough of the franchise by now. And we agree with him on at least one point: a convulsive return of old actors without any real use for the content seems very unnatural.

Anyway, we are looking forward to further news about the "Lord of the Rings" Amazon series, the release could be at the end of 2021 at the earliest.

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