The Continental: Young Hollywood Star Signed For "John Wick" Prequel

The story takes place about 40 years before the events of the film series

by Pierre Lorenz on October 20, 2021

The "John Wick" series is probably one of the most popular action franchises of all time. Although "John Wick: Chapter 3" will be followed by the fourth part of the movies next year, a prequel is also in production apart from the main series. More precisely, the project is a three-part miniseries called "The Continental". The plot is set around 40 years before the first "John Wick" part and focuses on the early life of the later Continental leader Winston Scott. Due to his age, 79-year-old Ian McShane will obviously not be playing the young Winston. Instead, 29-year-old "The Purge" actor Colin Woodell has been cast. The plot revolves around the infamous Continental Hotel, which the young Winston wants to take over in the 1970s. Alongside Woodell, we will also be introduced to Hollywood star Mel Gibson in the role of mob boss Cormac. Needless to say, we cannot expect Keanu Reeves to make an appearance, considering that his story from the film series takes place a few decades later. The series will be released in three 90-minute episodes and is scheduled for release as early as next year.

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