Squid Game The Challenge: Several Contestants Injured During Recording Of The Show

Netflix qualifies the accusations

by Pierre Lorenz on January 24, 2023

When Netflix first announced a reality show in the "Squid Game" format some time ago, the reaction among fans was rather muted. Many wondered how exactly the lethal danger and merciless consequences from the series could be applied to real participants. An answer to this is being provided by the filming currently taking place in the UK. As Variety reports, the recording of the first episode recently took place north of London in cold winter temperatures and has already caused the first victims.

According to the contestants, some were unable to finish the game "Red Light, Green Light" due to health problems caused by the extremely cold weather and the rather sparse equipment provided by Netflix. A total of four contestants had to seek medical treatment as either the cold affected their bodies or they sustained external injuries. Netflix officials promptly responded to the accusations, stressing that thermal underwear and gloves were provided to each participant. In addition, they denied that anyone was seriously injured. However, it was admitted that it had been very cold that day, which was probably not made any better given the filming location in a huge aircraft hangar.

So far, 228 out of 456 candidates are said to have made it through the first round, which is just about half. We are looking forward to more news from the set, as the show does not seem to be too gentle with its candidates so far. By the way, there is a whopping 4.56 million US dollars up for grabs, so the competitors will be pretty ruthless, especially towards the end of the season. Sadly, there is still no information about the premiere of "Squid Game: The Challenge".

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