News about "Avengers: Endgame": Fans can look forward to this as well

Not only Stan Lee has an appearance in the new bonus material

by Pierre Lorenz on June 26, 2019

After we reported about a new version of Avengers Endgame last week, we now know what

the exact content of the about 7 minute additional material will be. At the latest with the

broadcast of this news episode only the extended version will be shown in all cinemas. For

all of you who are wondering whether a new cinema visit is worthwhile or not, we will list

the new features of the Extended Version below. The 7 minutes will consist of a 20 sec. long

foreword by directors Joe and Anthony Russo. In addition there will be a post credit scene

with Professor Hulk and the long awaited tribute to Marvel creator Stan Lee. Finally there is

a preview of Spider Man FFH, which marks the end of the Infinity saga.

So whether or not it's worth going back to the movies is up to each of you to decide for


Image of Black Widow, Avengers: Endgame Bonus, Matrix 4