Van Helsing remake: James Wan's latest project was unveiled

The direction is to be taken by "Overlord" director Julius Avery

by Pierre Lorenz on December 3, 2020

So far, all that was known was that James Wan is working on a project for Universal's Monster franchise, but now it is clear which one: a "Van Helsing" movie. Many people will know the vampire hunter of the same name, especially through Hugh Jackman's not quite so convincing performance in 2004. Even if the main actor has not yet been determined, at least one director has been found for the blockbuster, namely Julius Avery, who became known to a wider audience mainly through "Operation: Overlord". So it seems reasonable to assume that "Van Helsing" by Julius Avery will be anything but tame. After all, James Wan, a master of the horror genre, is also on board as producer. Nothing is known about the content yet, but it will be exciting to see in which direction the film develops. At the latest, after Universal's expensive flop "The Mummy" with Tom Cruise, they could go for small but nice blockbusters without any big gimmicks in the future. In addition to "Van Helsing", other similar films such as "The Wolf Man", "Bride of Frankenstein", "Renfield" and "Dracula" are also in production at Universal. A release date for "Van Helsing" is unfortunately not yet fixed.

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