Plans for "Birds of Prey" sequel: This is what the director says

After mixed reviews director Cathy Yan now has a special wish

by Pierre Lorenz on April 9, 2020

Only 200 million US dollars were brought in by Birds Of Prey in the cinemas. The worldwide cinema closures and the premature release for home cinema did the rest to make sure that "Birds Of Prey" could not live up to its high expectations. Director Cathy Yan has a similar opinion, who of course knows that Warner Bros. had extremely high expectations of the movie. Moreover, the movie's reviews are also very mixed. If Warner Bros. should decide to make a sequel to "Birds Of Prey" despite all of that, director Yan already has a special wish: She would like to make Poison Ivy and her relationship to Harley Quinn a more central theme. By the way, that's also how "Harley Quinn"-actress Margot Robbie sees it. In the past, she has often stressed that she would like to explore the relationship between the two of them more closely, and whether this relationship will then be friendly or romantic, remains to be seen.

But all this is only a topic anyway, if there will be a continuation at all. Yan believes that people aren't ready to let go of Harley Quinn yet, which is why she is counting on a sequel. At least once you can see Harley Quinn on the big screen anyway, namely in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad, which will probably be released in early August next year.

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