Exploding Kittens: Netflix Plans Animated Series

The associated card game has long enjoyed great popularity

by Pierre Lorenz on April 20, 2022

Many know the brand "Exploding Kittens" either as a card or mobile game. Netflix also seems to have noticed the popularity of the exploding cats and as a result, the Twitter account "Netflix Geeked" announced the cast for the planned comedy series in animation format this past Monday. A matching game is also supplied by Netflix directly: It is slightly different from the one already available and is planned for release this May. The voice actors for the series will include "Lucifer" actor Tom Ellis, "Roads and Bridges" actor Abraham Lim, and Ally Maki, who already excelled as Giggle McDimples in "Toy Story 4". "The Office" producer Greg Daniels and "Sillicon Valley" creator Mike Judge are in charge of production. In terms of content, "Exploding Kittens" revolves around a duel between God and the Devil that is fought through the bodies of obese cats on Earth. That sounds pretty funky, so we are eagerly awaiting more news. The series is scheduled for release on Netflix later in 2023. 

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