Beverly Hills Cop 4: Netflix Signs On Hollywood Star

Some returnees are already on board

by Pierre Lorenz on September 29, 2022

After a long period of silence, a new addition to the cast of "Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley" was announced a few days ago. In addition to lead actor Eddie Murphy, who is celebrating his return as the eponymous Detective Foley, former Hollywood star Kevin Bacon is now part of the cast as well. In addition to him, there are already a number of other co-stars joining the now fourth film. Among the returning actors is Judge Reinhold as Sergeant Billy Rosewood, Axel's former partner in the Beverly Hills Police Department. Also, after a nearly 35-year hiatus, Paul Reiser rejoins the cast as Detective Jeffrey Friedman to play Axel's partner. Two other returnees are John Ashton as Sergeant John Taggart and Bronson Pinchot as the flamboyant art salesman Serge. In still unknown roles we will see - alongside Kevin Bacon - "Grey's Anatomy" actress Taylour Paige, "Lost" star Mark Pellegrino and "Snowden" actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Thus, who among the cast members will possibly appear as the antagonist to Axel Foley is still unclear. Overall, the cast is very pleasing for fans of the film series, which is why many are now eagerly awaiting further information. A release date is sadly still pending, but we will keep you up to date as always.

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