Netflix: The Game Adaptation Campaign Could Continue with "Final Fantasy" and "Dragon Age"

An official confirmation on Netflix's behalf is unfortunately still missing

by Pierre Lorenz on July 28, 2021

In the past, Netflix has enjoyed great success with several video game adaptations, such as "The Witcher" series. According to rumors, "Final Fantasy" and "Dragon Age" could now also become part of the lineup. The "Final Fantasy" franchise from Square Enix has existed since 1987 and now includes 15 main games, not to mention countless spin-offs. Given the gigantic pool of potential movie material, it's very hard to speculate about a concrete storyline. In fact, it's not the first time "Final Fantasy" has appeared on the big screen aside from the video games, as there have already been many animated adaptations. One of them flopped miserably - and that was the 2001 film "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within". Besides the modest reviews, the most expensive video game adaptation at the time, at $135 million, also grossed a mere $85 million. Naturally, we hope that the Netflix series will not suffer the same fate and will keep you up to date on further news. 

Likewise, a "Dragon Age" series is also said to be in the planning stages at Netflix. Here, too, it will be exciting to see which story will be thematized. There are enough exciting characters to choose from, and the world of "Dragon Age" also has a lot to offer. In view of the still really sparse state of facts and the lack of confirmation from Netflix so far, one can only speculate here as well. 

Image of The Tomorrow War 2, Predator: Skull, Space Jam 3, Superman Series© Square Enix