Lando Calrissian Returns: New Star Wars Series "Lando" is in the Works

Leading actor Donald Glover takes over the directing at the same time

by Jonas Reichel on July 28, 2023

Star Wars fans listen up: Lando Calrissian is getting his own series after all. After some uncertainty about the project, Disney has finally given the go-ahead and published details about the director as well as the lead actor.

The last time we saw the gambler was in "Solo: A Star Wars Story" - a movie that fell far short of expectations. In response to the flop of "Solo", Disney put all plans for additional spin-offs on hold. Accordingly, it also became quiet concerning a planned Lando series.

Now, however, the project is on the rise again: Variety magazine reports that the series is to be released. This decision was probably also influenced by the success of "Andor", which thrilled both critics and fans. Donald Glover will again take on the role of Lando Calrissian. But not only that, he will also direct together with his brother. The Glover brothers already proved with their series "Atlanta" and "Swarm" that they have a talent for comedic and dramatic themes. A convincing realization of the "Lando" story should therefore be absolutely achievable.

Concrete information about the plot and the release date of the series are not available yet. Nevertheless, there is good reason to be happy now that the project has any future at all. Until the official premiere of "Star Wars: Lando", fans can look forward to the series "Ahsoka", which is set to kick off in August - and is also a true fan favorite!

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