Henry Cavill Versus Michael Fassbender in the "Highlander" Reboot

The role is from the comic series "Highlander Origins: The Kurgan"

by Jonas Reichel on February 14, 2024

It would be a meeting of two giants: Hollywood insider Daniel Richtman reports that Michael Fassbender is set to take on the villain role in the new "Highlander" film with Henry Cavill.

The reboot of the 1986 fantasy classic, directed by "John Wick" director Chad Stahelski, is eagerly anticipated as it is. First, the casting of superstar Henry Cavill in the lead role caused fans to go wild. Then came Stahelski's announcement that "Highlander" would be a kind of "John Wick" with swords.

Now, Daniel Richtman has announced via his Patreon account that none other than Michael Fassbender is to take on the role of the antagonist. According to Richtman, Fassbender will appear as "The Mongol". "The Mongol" is considered one of the most exciting characters in the "Highlander" universe and first appeared in the comic series "Highlander Origins: The Kurgan". Fassbender has also already gained some experience wielding a sword - his appearances in "Macbeth" and "Assassins Creed" are proof of this.

Initial information suggests that the blockbuster, which has a budget of 100 million dollars, could go into production as early as this year, meaning that a release in 2025 could well be possible. We'll keep you up to date as things progress!

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