Robocop series in progress!

The prequel of MGM will be significantly different from its predecessor

by Pierre Lorenz on September 10, 2020

The work on a "Robocop" film with Neill Blomkamp is progressing slowly at the moment. Nevertheless, there are news for fans of the franchise, as it seems that a new "Robocop" series is in the works. Especially the fact that the well-known Robocop doesn't play a role in the series at all didn't meet with great enthusiasm from the fans. In an interview with Moviehole, Ed Neumeier, the author of the original film, confirms that the project is supposed to become a prequel series. The focus is on Dick Jones, the corrupt boss of the Omni Consumer Products group, OCP, who are also developing the program to create the police robots. Neumeier as well as the two authors dave Parkin and Ron Gibbs are responsible, while MGM still has to give the go for the start of the series. Neumeier emphasized once again that Dick Jones is not evil from the beginning and that they want to shed light on the events that made him the person he is in the original film. The other project, which is still in progress, will be called "Robocop Returns" and is intended to be a direct sequel to the original from 1987. However, the script is still far from being finished, so a potential release date cannot be predicted at the moment.

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