The Flash: Newest Leaks Surprise Fans

Among other topics, there is talk of a new Justice League

by Pierre Lorenz on January 2, 2022

Actually, DC's "The Flash" won't be released in theaters until November, but there are already a few rumors circulating that pack a punch. There is a risk of spoilers here, as the leaks contain far-reaching information about "The Flash" and the future of the DCEU - if they prove to be true, of course. We cannot yet be too certain, but at least the well-known leaker "MyTimeToShineHello" published some information about "The Flash". The source is actually quite trustworthy, after all, the leaker also had a good nose for "Spider-Man: No Way Home". They explained on Twitter that they had seen a clip of "The Flash" and that big changes in the DCEU were imminent. In the course of the storyline, The Flash is expected to join a newly formed Justice League, which in addition to him will consist of Supergirl and Shazam, and will also be joined by Wonder Woman and Batgirl. "Shazam" director Andy F. Sandberg did not really confirm the new rumor, but at least affirms that anything could happen. According to the leaker's report, Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman will no longer be part of the cast. The two would have their presumably last appearance in "The Flash". Overall, they want to completely obliterate Zack Snyder's work and act as if "Man of Steel", "Justice League" and "Batman v Superman" had never existed. Quite a tough cut the DCEU is in for if the rumors are true. In any case, we will keep our eyes and ears open for more details on the upcoming "The Flash". The movie is expected to be released on November 4, 2022. 

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